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Top 10 freelancing websites 2021

Freelancing is now the most popular earning resource for all ages of people. Especially after covid-19 every person is looking to work remotely from home.

Freelancing is now the most popular earning resource for all ages of people. Especially after covid-19 every person is looking to work remotely from home. But when it comes to finding the best freelancing sites to find work there are only one or two popular websites people know about. They register themselves only on these platforms which have very hard competition that’s why most of them failed at the start and leave freelancing. Here we are discussing and comparing top 10 freelancing platforms you must know before starting freelancing work. 

Each platform has its own working criteria such as bidding system, best match etc. Some platforms fix monthly subscriptions and some take a percentage of projects. Here we are discussing these details for each platform so you can easily choose your best option.

1- Dice

Dice defines itself as a  “career hub for tech insiders”. Dice hires people for full time positions as well as also provides freelance services. Dice is a good option if you are in the tech industry, especially in the IT field. 

2- Envato studio

Envato studio says that “A community of designers, developers and creatives ready for your project”. Envato studio is best for you if you are a designer or developer. Envato strictly observes each project posted thats why each approved project is real without any scam. You should complete your whole profile before submission to make it active on envato studio.

3- Upwork

Upwork is the most used freelance platform. It has a number of categories and services on upwork. It is only a freelancing platform having no other product or project. You must need to consume “contacts” for bidding on upwork projects. As the market of upwork is huge the competition level is also very high.

4- Fiverr

Fiverr is also becoming a favourite platform among freelancers. On this platform freelancers are offering their services on a very low budget and you can choose the best one fits for your job. Freelancers can also bid on your project for free of cost. 


Freelancer’s aim is to provide you skilled people according to your need at a very reasonable price. Freelancers on this platform submit their bids, you can view the bids, interview the freelancers and choose the best option for you. 

6- PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is also a very famous platform. It allows freelancers to browse projects and hires to browse peoples with specific skills. But there are some limitations for using this platform. You can also see the per hour rate of freelancers on this platform.

7- Behance

Behance is limited to graphic work only. It allows freelancers a showcase to display their work. This display is also a profile link for applying to different jobs. 

8- Amazon Mechanical Turk

As coming to Amazon Mechanical Turk it is the most different platform from all others. It acts like a micro gig platform and provides the best suitable option related to your work.


Guru aim is to connect freelancers and employers locally or globally. You can make your professional profile and select a membership plan. After that you can get your payment through a safe and secure procedure.

10- Mediabistro

This platform is designed specially for freelancers related to the media industry such as writers, designers, editors etc. you can hire professional people related to the media industry through Mediabistro.


Concluding our above discussion freelancing is now the aim of every person. No one wants to work at the office. But this is not an easy job to win trust of people at the starting stage of their career. You need to work hard to achieve this goal. 

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