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Simpsons Future Predictions 2021

Simpsons Series has predict many events and characters such as “Election winning of President Trump”. Here are 16 predictions that were successfully predicted by the Simpsons family and new prediction for 2021.

The Simpson is an American based animated series created by Fox Broadcasting Company in 1989. Simpsons is a combination of visual and performing art series represented by Simpsons family. Simpsons family consists of five members named “Maggie”, “Lisa”, “Bart”, “Homer” and “Marge”.  The name Simpsons is driven from Simpleton which means fool.  This series became popular due to its early predictions about the future in 1989. Simpsons Series predicts many events and characters such as “Election winning of President Trump”. Here are 16 predictions that were successfully predicted by the Simpsons family and new prediction for 2021.

1- Fist with three eyes (Season 2, Episode 4)

This season was released in 1990 in which Bart caught a fish having three eyes. This fish was named Blinky. This three eye fish was caught near a nuclear power plant and in this series it was shown that this news makes headlines. 

Strangely in  2011 a three eye fish was caught near Argentia power plant. And this news also makes headlines globally. 

2-  Censorship of Michelangelo David (Season 2, Episode 9)

In 1990s season it was shown that Springfieldians were protesting against Michelangelo’s statue which was exhibited in a museum. They were protesting because of its nudity.

The Same situation happened in 2016 when Russian voted to clothe a copy of Renaissance’s statue that was exhibited in a central St Petersburg museum. 

3- Beatles Letter sending beatles fan mail (Season 2, Episode 18)

Season 2, Episode 18 was released in 1991 in which “Marge” sent a painting to a celebrity crush named Ringo star. In the result Ringo Star sent fan mail fulfilling a vow. 

By 2013 two Beatles fan received a reply from Paul McCartney to a letter and recording, which was sent 50 years ago. This recording and letter was sent to Paul McCartney’s band but was found years later.

4- White tiger attack (Season 5, Episode 10)

During the Simpsons 5th season Simpson’s  magician Siegfried and Roy were attacked by their trained white tiger while performing in a casino. This scene was filmed in 1993.

In 2003 Roy Horn of Siegfried was attacked in real life when he was performing in Montecore. They were attacked by their trained white tiger and got severe injuries. 

5- Scandal of Horse meat. (Season 5, Episode 19)

In the Simpson series 5 episode 19 it was shown that Lunchlady named Doris used horse meat to make lunch for Springfield  elementary students. This episode was launched in 1994.

Later on in 2003 The food authority of Ireland found horse DNA in beef burgers in a well known burger shop. 

6- Autocorrect Frictions (Season 6, Episode 8)

In 1994 in an episode it was shown that Kearny and Dolph used  a memo to quickly translate “eat up Martha”. This Newton device also has an apple logo on it and keyboard at right.

Later on Former director of iOS applications Nitin Ganatra said that we got inspiration from Simpsons series to get iPhone keyboard right.

7- Smartwatch (Season 6, Episode 19)

First time smartwatch concept was introduced in this series in 1995. Later on after 20 years Apple caught this idea and converted it into reality.

8- The Shard in Simpsons Series (Season 6, Episode 19)

This series comes with a lot of predictions. In this series Lisa was on a London trip where we saw a Skyscraper behind Tower bridge. This skyscraper looks similar to Shard and even also in the right place. This Shard was built in 2004.

9- Robot as Librarians (Season 6, Episode 19)

In the same series and episode on Lisa’s wedding a robot was performing duties as librarian in Simpsons universe. 

About 20 years later this came into reality when the University of Aberystwyth used a prototype of walking and managing robots as university librarians. 

10- Higgs Boson Equation (Season 8, Episode 1)

This amazing episode was released in 1998 and also named as “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”. It was shown that Humer became an inventor and he was working on some complicated equations on the board. These equations are similar to the equation of Higgs Boson and solved in 2003. The solution of this equation cost $13 billion. 

11-  Ebola Virus (Season 9, Episode 3)

Simpsons predicted a virus in this episode named “Lisa Sax”. Marge give a book to Bart to read named “Curious George and the Ebola Virus”. At this time the Ebola virus did not appear in the universe. But later on it broke out and killed a number of people.

12- Tomacco Plant Invention (Season 11, Episode 5)

Homer used nuclear energy to experiment with hybrid generation of tobacco and tomato plants in 1999. He named the new plant as the Tomacco plant. 

Rob Baur takes inspiration from this episode and creates his own plant in 2003. Baur takes tomato and tobacco plants steam them to make tomacco. 

13- Voting Machine Fault (Season 20, Episode 4)

In 2008 Homer tried to vote Barack Obama as President in the US election. But due to fault in the voting machine it changed the vote. 

Four years later voting machines were removed after noticed changing of votes for Barack Obama to his rival Mitt Romney.

14- Nobel Prize winner(Season 22, Episode 1)

The Simpsons series shown MIT professor Mr. Bengt Holmstorm in a bet to win the Nobel prize. Surprisingly in 2016 after six years release of this episode Professor Bengt Holmstorm won the nobel prize. 

15- Lady Gaga’s super bowl (Season 23, Episode 22)

Simpsons season 23 episode 22 shows that Lady Gaga performed for the Springfield tower hanging in midair. After 5 years this turns into reality when Lady Gaga performs for her Super Bowl halftime show in Houston NRG stadium.

16- President Trump won election

In The Simpsons series in 2000 with a title “Bart of Future” Lisa became the first female president. She took over for president Trump who ruined the economy. Lisa tries to get the country out from financial issues.

Simpsons Future Predictions

The Simpsons episodes have been predicting major news for more than 30 years. We have discussed Simpson’s previous predictions which came into reality. Here we are taking a dive into Simpson’s predictions about 2021.

In one of their newer episodes they show the world overtaken by robots while everything burns in the background. This admittedly sounds like a far cry. Simpsons also predicted life on Mars 20 years ago. In an episode they were exploring Mars by the year 2026. And now on Elon Musk is planning a Mars mission in this decade.

You heard a virtual reality but have you ever heard of virtual reality food? Homer and Marge Simpson however in an episode where the Simpsons experience the future we’re introduced to a device that lets them eat without actually eating it. 


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