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Best Investment Ideas for investing money for long-term profit

Everyone dreams to invest his hard-earned money to generate handsome passive income. It is a very good idea to make an investment at an early stage of your life so you may become a billionaire soon.  But the question is where to invest for long-term, short-term, or medium-term to generate a good profit.

Everyone dreams to invest his hard-earned money to generate handsome passive income. It is a very good idea to make an investment at an early stage of your life so you may become a billionaire soon.  But the question is where to invest for long-term, short-term, or medium-term to generate a good profit. Here we are going to list down the best investment ideas for investing your money for long-term profit.

We are dividing Investment Plans into 3 types

  1.  Long-term Investment
  2. Medium-term Investment
  3. Short-term Investment

1- Long-term Investment Ideas

A long-term investment plan means you invest your money for a minimum of 5 years. A long-term investment makes a good profit and has the minimum risk factor of losing all of your money. Because you have enough time to study your investment and figure out the risk factors.

Below here are the top 3 Long-term investment fields for you.

Stock market

stock market

The stock market, also called the share market, is the best way to earn passive income. The stock market regulates buying, selling, and issuance of stocks or shares of public listed companies. Investment in the stock market is mostly done by brokers or digital platforms. There are two types of investments in stock.

a. Dividend

In this method, different public listed companies give a percentage of their profit as per their policies. People buy shares and earn a handsome amount in the form of dividends.

b. Capital Appreciation

In capital appreciation, people buy shares of companies and sell when they get a good profit from them. Usually, people plan for the next 5 years when they are buying capital appreciation. In capital appreciation, there is more risk factor as compared to the dividend.

Real estate

real estate

Real estate is one of the most promising investment businesses. The risk factor in this sector is also very low and you can generate a good profit if you are planning for a long-term investment. There are two main types of real estate investments.

a. Rental Investment

In rental investment, you can buy a property and put it on rent. Many people do this business and increase their monthly income. In rental investment, there is another benefit that the value of your property also increases and you can sell it at any time to get a handsome cash amount.

b. Buy and Sell

In buy and sell people buy properties and sell when they get a good offer. But this is not for beginners. You must need some experience to start this business otherwise you may lose all of your savings.



Cryptocurrency is a very hot and trending topic nowadays. People who invest a very little amount in cryptocurrencies from 2012 to 2015 are now becoming billionaires. It is a very good idea but you must be aware that the risk chances are also very high and thousands of people lose all of their money in the crypto market. The Crypto market fluctuation rate is very high like within minutes you may be a millionaire and in the very next minute, you may be at a huge loss. 

In the crypto market, there are a number of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, USDT, and many more.  Here you can read a complete guide to start investing in the crypto market.  

2. Medium-term Investment Ideas

A medium-term investment plan consists of a 2 to 5 years business plan. Medium-term investment may best fit for you if you have low savings and you are not prepared for long-term investment. It needs low cost but has a higher risk factor as compared to long-term.

Here are the top 3 Medium-term investment fields.



Crowdfunding means raising a small amount of money from a large number of communities for different projects or ideas. In return, you will get a percentage of profit as per your investment. Here are the top crowdfunding platforms 2021:

Exchange Trade Funding

Exchange Trade Funding in short (ETFs) is also an upcoming investment technique, especially for newbies and learners. It is a hybrid of mutual funding and unit investment funding and can be traded just like stocks. ETFs are the best fit for you if you want to invest in fixed-income securities and find it difficult to select a good sector. 

Mutual Funding

Mutual funding companies get money from different investors and invest their money in securities like stocks, bonds. Investors invest their money with mutual funding companies in the form of shares and gain good profit from it.

3. Short-term Investment Ideas

So you are looking for immediate profit to increase your daily earnings. Don’t worry, here is a short-term investment plan for you. The short-term investment consists of 6 months to 2 years of investment plan where you can get good profit with a short period of time.

Here are the top 3 short-term investment ideas for you to start immediately.

Saving Accounts

Saving accounts are a great way of earning good profit from investments. Banks offer their customers to open savings accounts and give a percentage of profit from the interest rates. But there are some limitations on it such as initial deposits, maintaining minimum balance limit, monthly or yearly fees. 


So you want to try your luck with no risk factor? Then this is for you you can buy bonds and if you are lucky enough you will get a handsome amount in return and generate a good profit. But if you don’t succeed, you can simply get your investment back.

Money Market

The money market is also the best resource for generating handsome profit for a short-term period. But for the money market, you must have knowledge about the market and always be aware of current affairs to reduce risk factors. The money market generates a good profit than saving bank accounts within a short period of time.

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