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What is white hat SEO and black hat SEO

Just like good guys and bad guys, white hat hackers, and black hat hackers, SEO can be categorized into two categories White hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO are persons who work properly according to search engine policies to improve the ranking of a website.

Just like good guys and bad guys, white hat hackers, and black hat hackers, SEO can be categorized into two categories White hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO are persons who work properly according to search engine policies to improve the ranking of a website. On the other hand, black hat SEO people use illegal tricks or techniques and always try to find shortcuts to improve the ranking of websites. 

White hat SEO

White hat SEO follows the policies and guidelines provided by search engines to rank any website. It is usually a long-term process and might take up to 8 to 12 months to rank a website. As the result, it is more effective and powerful than black hat SEO. If you do not do white hat SEO and completely rely on black hat then there are a number of chances that you will soon get banned by search engines.

White hat Tactics

White hat SEO following tactics to boost the ranking of a website.

Maintain quality of content.

quality of content is very important for the SEO of a website. Content should be written for benefit of readers, not for search engines. Always use proper vocabulary and sentences because Nowadays search engine’s algorithms are rich enough to read and rank websites based on content quality.

Add content-related keywords.

Keywords play an important role in the SEO of a website. Always pay proper attention in choosing keywords because people always search keywords and your site ranking depends on it. Try to use long-tail keywords instead of short-tail for example:

Short-tail keyword: Fitness equipment

Long-tail keyword: Best Fitness equipment for weight loss.

Keywords added in titles and meta descriptions.

It is a very important part of white hat SEO. Always use the best keywords in your title and meta description of your posts or pages. Actually, most of the time search engines rank your page or post based on these keywords added in title or meta descriptions.

Well-structured websites.

Your website should be well structured and completely responsive if you want to rank it with white hat SEO. Search engines always focus on the structure of the website before ranking it on search engines. Here are some tips you should follow to make a well-structured website

  • Metadata
    Always add meta tags to your page. It will make clear to search engines about your topic and content after crawling your website.
  • Responsiveness
    Make sure that your website is completely responsive and on mobile devices, your content is not overlapping.
  • Easy navigation
    Your website should be easy to navigate. It helps visitors to easily navigate without any frustrations.
  • Page loading speed
    Make sure your website is super fast in loading. People didn’t wait too long to load a website. You can try the Google speed test to check your website speed and follow suggestions on it to make your website faster.

Link Building

Backlinks are very important in the ranking of websites. Backlinks are known as votes for your website which tells the search engine about your website’s quality.  Here is a detailed article about generating backlinks for a website

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is totally the opposite of white hat SEO. It uses illegal and shortcut ways to boost the ranking of websites. Black hat SEO uses ways that are not approved by search engines and in the worst case, your website will be banned by search engines. So Always try to avoid  Black hat SEO for your website to overcome risk factors.

Black hat Tactics

The black hat uses the following techniques to rank your website on search engines.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is hiding content that is masked with the use of code and only visible to search engine crawlers only. This method worked in past but now search engine algorithms are rich enough to catch this technique.

Meta Keyword Stuffing

This is a way in which keywords are injected un-naturally in meta descriptions or tags. Search engine algorithm also detects meta keyword stuffing.

Link Farming

It is a form of spamming. The purpose of Link farming is to increase web authority by increasing incoming links from another site. It usually looks like a normal web but having a number of hyperlinks to another website. It didn’t get any traffic but put your website at great risk.

Content Cloaking

In Content Cloaking content represent to search engine crawlers are different than the real content represented to users. This is done by capturing the IP addresses of visitors. 

Bad Content

In this technique content on the website didn’t provide valuable information to users but only use to rank on search engines. In Past, this technique was not detectable but now search engine algorithms can differentiate between good and bad content and rank accordingly. 

Which one Seems Best

After a detailed discussion on a White hat and Black hat SEO. We can conclude that always wear a White hat for SEO even it is time taking process but it is always a safe and secure method.

Black hat SEO is a Quick process to boost your website. But Google algorithm recognized it easily and block your website.

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