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Product Hunting Tools and Techniques

“Golden Egg” is needed by every person. Everyone on amazon is looking for an ideal life changing product to get more and more success. There is no magic instead of implementing deep searching techniques to find a great product in 500+ million products. 

It is the key point and most crucial part of amazon business. If you don’t give proper time to it you will likely fail as 75% others.

All of your success on amazon is based on a successful product. If you choose a wrong product it will cause a big failure of your money and also affect your account health. 

Here we are discussing product hunting in depth to capture a successful product for amazon.

Product Strategy or Product Selection Criteria

Before starting product hunting we should know about the criteria on which we analyze a product. There are following point on which we decide about any product

  1. High Demand low competition
  2. Keyword search volume
  3. Seasonal Product
  4. Reviews
  5. Size and Weight
  6. Competitors
  7. Brand Dominance
  8. Gated Categories
  9. Breakable Products
  10. Seller Rank
  11. Example Sheet for Product Hunting

We are going in depth of each point and also cover about tools available for it

1- High Demand Low Competition

For a successful business you should find a product having high demand  and on the other side there are no or very few sellers selling this product. This increases the chances of your product to sell a lot and generate a handsome ROI (return of investment) for you. 

Let’s take demand as flow of river and product niche has a particular flow for it. Now it’s up to you to choose a canoe path having extraordinary pace of water to reach at destination or choose second one having toppling in your way.

You must have to look at competitors to check if this one is the right product to dive in.

Ideally suppose you have found such a product. Now you must check the next criteria before going further to make your business succeed.

You can choose Jungle Scout for Checking high demand low competition

2- Keyword search volume

Keyword search volume also plays a vital role in product hunting. Consider you have chosen a product with a very small number of people searching for it. You will be stuck with your inventory and didn’t succeed. The more audience searching for an item has more chances to sell and this will also increase the high demand for the product.

There are different tools to check the search volume of keywords related to your selected product. Such as Jungle scout and helium 10

After successfully finding a product having high keyword search volume. Next moving towards the next phase of product hunting.

3- Seasonal Product

Now we are going to check if our selected product is a seasonal product or not. A seasonal product is one having more sales in a season and in other seasons it has zero sales such as leather jackets that have sales in winter but in summer there is no one interested in it.  

The selected product should not be a seasonal product. You can check previous statistics to verify whether the product is seasonal or not.

4- Reviews

For a successful product overall reviews are not greater than 500. Consider yourself as a customer and you are buying a product which one you bought ? a product having more reviews or a product having less reviews.?

Definitely you will buy a product having more reviews and customer feedback. This also leads to high demand for products. You need to select a product having some reviews and you compete it by implementing different techniques. Such as Give aways

5- Size and Weight

For FBA Fulfilled By Amazon you should choose a product small in weight and less in size. Select a product having weight less than 1 pound and small in its dimensions. If you choose a product more in weight and size it will also cost extra money by amazon warehouse. To fulfill warehouse charges you will definitely be charged by end customers and it will increase the price of the product.

6- Competitors

You also need to make a list of your top 2 or 3 competitors and give yourself a deadline at which you will compete with them. Also read reviews and feedback from customers on these competitors list. This will give you an idea where your competitors are lacking so you come and fill the space.

7- Brand Dominancy

Selected products should not be brand dominant. Also amazon is not selling this product because you will never compete with a brand or even amazon on its store.

Consider yourself as a customer and you are looking for “Adidas Shoes”. There are two sellers at Amazon 

  1. Mr. XYZ 
  2. Adidas. 

From where you will buy it.? Definitely your answer is from Adidas as it is a brand itself and it will provide real products at a lower price.

8- Gated Categories

There are some categories on which Amazon approval is required before selling these products such as health and care, beauty products. As a beginner you should avoid selling these products. Check how to Ungate a Gated Product

9- Breakable Products

For breakable products there are a lot of chances that a product received by the end customer is broken already or even broken by the end customer . It will cause return of order and negative feedback on your product. Finally you will do nothing with these items. So on the safer side you should choose a product which is not breakable.

10- Seller Rank

Check the seller rank of your competitors. Although nobody knows how these ranks are calculated by Amazon. But we can define it as a number that has a higher seller rank of product (BSR) and higher sales of product. 

Some advised BSR ranges with respect to categories are: 

Home & Kitchen 

  • BSR range (100 – 20,000) for primary products 
  • BSR range (250 – 20,000) for competing products

Home Tools

  • BSR range (100 – 7,500) for primary products 
  • BSR range (200 – 3,000) for primary products 

Health & Personal Care

  • BSR range (000 – 7,000) for primary products 

11- Example Sheet for Product Hunting

Here is an excel sheet you need to fulfill during product hunting by using different tools and select the best product you are looking for. Sheet for product hunting