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How to write SEO friendly articles

Optimization of the article for the audience and search engines is the most important thing in the SEO of a website. However, this is a time taking job, and need high skills to create optimized SEO-friendly articles.

Optimization of the article for the audience and search engines is the most important thing in the SEO of a website. However, this is a time taking job, and need high skills to create optimized SEO-friendly articles. If people like your content structure and theme they would likely share it and this will increase your audience. Also, it will decrease the bounce rate and people loves to read the complete article. 

There is a myth that SEO-friendly articles cannot be user-friendly. This is totally wrong here we will discuss how to write user-friendly and SEO-friendly articles.

Keyword Research

Keyword research plays an important role in the SEO of content.  Always do proper research before starting your content. People always use keywords to do searches on search engines. By the use of these keywords, you can increase your targeted audience and get their attractions. 

Always try to use long-tail keywords because most of the time long-tail keywords are complete queries people use to search like:

Short-tail keyword: Fitness equipment

Long-tail keyword: Best Fitness equipment for weight loss.

You should do research work and find the followings to select appropriate keywords

  • Search volume
    Check the search volume of your targeted keyword in the given time frame. This will give you a clear idea to choose or leave the keyword.
  • Competitive Search
    Do proper research on competitive sites showing against these keywords. Read their content and make a comparison with your content.
  • Long-tail keywords
    As we mentioned above always try to use long-tail keywords for your content. Because they seem more catchy as compared to short-tail keywords.

Here are some tools you should use to do keyword research

Knowledge of Topic

Knowledge about what you are writing about is also very important. If you have in-depth knowledge you can write clearly about it. Always do proper research and read articles before start writing about any topic. Search on google about your topic and always try to read the top 3 to 5 articles. This will make you much more clear about your selected topic and people’s interest in it.

Content Structure

So you have selected your keywords and gain in-depth knowledge about your topic. Now the main part is understanding the structure of content before start writing about it. You have to choose the best and recommended structure for your content to gain more audience. Here is a best practice structure you should use for your content writing.

Try to divide your content with headings and subheadings. At the start of the part, there should be an introductory paragraph. An introductory paragraph should contain only the theme of your content. After that, your content, which is divided into parts and each part has its own heading and subheadings. In the end, conclude your article with a conclusion. The conclusion is also very important and people love to read your opinion about the article you have written. 

Content Structure should

  • Content should start with an introduction.
  • Always divide your content into parts.
  • These parts should have their own headings and subheadings.
  • Paragraphs should not exceed 300 words.
  • Always try to use images with your content because they gain user attraction easily.
  • In the end, there should be a conclusion.

Catchy Titles

It is a fact that people got attracted by the title of the article. Suppose you have written a unique and super article but your title is not as much catch as it can. Do you think people come to read it?

Definitely, your answer is No. because no one gets the attraction to your title. So choose of title words are as important as the content. Here are some tips for choosing the written article.

  • Try to choose long-tail keywords in your title.
  • Keep your title 30 to 60 words long.
  • Use keywords at the start of your article.
  • Make sure your title describes your article.
  • Avoid using double-meaning words in your title.
  • There should be no grammatical mistake in your title.


SEO friendly URL

After writing your content and chosen of title. The next phase is that your URL should be SEO-friendly. Here are some tips to make URL SEO-friendly

  • Don’t use time, date, and post id in the URL
  • Use your main keyword in the URL
  • Try to make URL short
  • Use lower case letters in your URL

Meta description

Before putting your content live use the meta description. This description should have keywords and show the theme of your content. Because the title and meta description are the face of your content and shown in google’s search page as shown below.


Re-read your content before publishing

Re-read your content and check if there is any grammar or vocabulary mistake. Try to make it more clear for your targeted audience. Check all of your images have “alt text” added.


It is a skill to write successful content for both parties (Audience and SEO). Definitely, it will take time and effort but for SEO it is very important. Search engines are mature enough to determine whether the content is written for an audience or a search engine. After that, this algorithm defines the ranking of content. That’s why your content should satisfy both parties to be on higher in ranking.

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