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How to create backlinks (Step By Step Guide)

Backlinks are links to your website added on other websites. It plays an important role in link building and the SEO ranking of your website. These backlinks are like votes for your website which tells the search engines about the quality of your website.

Backlinks are links to your website added on other websites. It plays an important role in link building and the SEO ranking of your website. These backlinks are like votes for your website which tells the search engines about the quality of your website. But there is confusion for new website owners that how to create backlinks for their website. 

Why Backlinks are Important

Backlinks can be defined as votes that tell Google and other search engines about the content value and quality of your website. According to Google’s PageRank Google describes that


After that google has made several changes in its algorithm but backlinks are always considered a key point in website ranking.

How to Create Backlinks

There is no magic or shortcut to create backlinks to your website. You have to work hard to create backlinks or purchase backlinks from authorized resources. Also, you must be creative and dedicated to your work for creating backlinks. However here we are going to step by step process to create backlinks. With this guide, you are able to build amazing backlinks So your website can rank easily on these backlinks.

1: Finding Blogs or Websites

This first and most important part of backlinking is finding websites that already have backlinks and figure out the linked websites. By this process, you can get an idea about content links that attract the audience. 

To figure out the blog post which attracts more links you can follow the following steps.

  • Use Firefox and install SEO for Firefox.
  • Open the Google search window and type your selected keywords. From the show options button select blogs from categories.
  • Select top 100 just below the search box and it will give you the top 100 blogs.
  • Now you can import these results by clicking the “CSV” link which is placed at the bottom right of the search box.
  • In this CSV file, you will see a column named “Y! Page Links”. This column indicates the links in this blog. 


We have now collected our desired blogs having top backlinks for our keywords.

2: Who is Linking

After collecting our desired blogs the next step is to find out who is using his backlinks in these blogs. This is important because these websites are already qualified on top 100 blogs for backlinks due to their particular content type. 

Therefore you can figure out Who by using our CSV file we had downloaded in the previous step. Select linking posts and put them into their linked profiles by using “Yahoo page link“ in the SEO for Firefox toolbar. This will produce a search engine page that looks like that


Now analyze these results and put the following results in a separate excel sheet

  • Url of Website
  • Contact name
  • Page Rank from Toolbar
  • Contact Email
  • Social Media profiles

The above data helps you to have a rich collection of data and you can easily contact these blog or website owners for your backlinks.

3: Why People Linking

This is also very important to know that why people choose these specific blogs for backlinking their websites. By analyzing this point you have a pretty much better idea that what people are looking for or what is trendy in your specific content niche.

4: Create your Content

After analyzing the above steps and make your excel sheets, So you have an idea about the content. You need to create your content at least equals to your competitor’s content. Don’t copy their content but make it your own with more interesting and attractive titles and content. Here are some tips to create a useful content

  • Content should be easy to read
  • Don’t use double meaning or difficult to read words.
  • Always use pictorial representation in your content.

5: Publish your backlink

This is the final and hard part of this job. You have already prepared your content and you have a list of blogging websites for backlinking. You need to contact them in a proper and polite way to add your article and backlink to the website. Here is an example email to contact the blog owner for publishing your content

Dear (Name of the owner),

I have read your article about “Title of the article with a link” and found it much more attractive and informative. Also, I have shared it with my friends and social media accounts (drop link of social media post you had shared). 

I have also written a valuable article about “Title of Article”. 

(Include details about your article)

I think you will find it worthy, it would be great if you share it with your audience. Here is a link to the blog. Please let me know if you need any other information about it.

Bundle of thanks for your precious time



Contact number,

Your website address.


So We can say that backlinks plays important role in the ranking of the website. If you take it seriously your website rank will increase within few days. But on the other hand, it is not an easy job, you must show patience and work hard to achieve this goal.

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