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Simpsons Crypto Market Predictions 2021

The Simpsons cartoon series has been running for 30 years and predicts a lot about the future. The most strange thing is that Simpson’s predictions are 100% accurate and these predictions are many years early before happening. However, here we are going to discuss Simpsons stock market and Simpsons crypto market Predictions.

Episodes about Simpsons Crypto Market

Actor, Jim ParsonsIn Season 31 Episode 13 named “Frinkcoin” Actor, Jim Parsons tried to convince Lisa to buy the idea of cryptocurrency. Where Lisa was interviewing Professor Frink for becoming the richest man in the Simpsons world. Professor was tried to explain the idea of Frinkcoin and he was saying “People think I am such a nerd but I am super cool”.  

In Season 32 Episode 18 named “Burger King” Marge Simpson was hooked on the stock market. Marge Simpson was shown as trading with fictional stock which was run by Billionaire Monty Burns. 

Simpsons Prediction

Marge proceeds with checking stock market performance in another episode “Crazy Cash” and the channel shows Bitcoin with a symbol of infinity. Other than Bitcoin the screen also shows the stock market rising by 1 trillion USD and suddenly falling by 2 trillion USD. During this ups and down TV host of Simpsons world was saying things like “Buy, buy, buy! Then, when you hear a rumor of trouble, sell before anyone else!”

simpsons cryptocurrency predictions

Simpsons Prediction on Tesla

Simpsons also predict about tesla in the stock market and show very next news saying about Tesla.

If you have to ask you can’t afford it

simpsons tesla predictions

Simpsons Future Predictions

Simpsons had successfully predicted about crypto market now the questions is 

What do the Simpsons predict about the future of Cryptocurrencies?

Simpsons predict that cryptocurrencies will adopt massively and will be the currency of the future. In an episode, Lisa was signed that

Every day I am closer to being the cash of the future. Not in your wallet, I am in your computer!

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