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Blockchain Developers And Prerequisite

Blockchain is now considered as the future of programming and development due to its security and versatility. It makes sense for you to join such a career having a lot of potential and opportunity as a developer.  If you are highly motivated with this technology and want to learn about blockchain development then you are at the right place. Here you can find a lot about this interesting and shining profession.

What a Blockchain developer do

This is the very basic question for before starting blockchain development. The honest and very short answer is that  “Blockchain developer develops Blockchain”.

As a detailed look there are two major categories of Blockchain development.

  1. Core Blockchain Developer
  2. Blockchain Software Developer

Core Blockchain Developer

Core blockchain developer is a person who has responsibilities of designing and security of blockchain systems.  These are the persons who create the base of any organization and all other softwares developed on this system. You can simply says that Core blockchain are professionals who have a very deep knowledge of blockchain system

Blockchain Software Developer

The basic responsibilities of blockchain software developers  is to build applications and systems for users on the basis of systems designed and developed by core blockchain developers. Basically they interact with users with this system.

There may be some small business where a team is performing both roles. In any of the above mentioned case the basic roles and responsibilities of a blockchain developer are

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Blockchain protocol designing
  2. Network architecture designing used in this system
  3. Backend programming according to blockchain protocols
  4. Frontend Software development according to blockchain protocols.
  5. Design smart contracts
  6. Monitor the performance of smart contracts.
  7. Provide innovative and smart solutions for challenging problems.

Working Environment

As a blockchain developer there are a number of obstacles waiting to welcome him in this field. Such as legacy systems, limitations and many more. Also blockchain development is not like a simple software development you must need special skills for it. 

How To become a Blockchain Developer

After the above discussion it is now clear to you about responsibilities and roles of a blockchain developer. Now the main question is how to become a blockchain developer?

Here are two scenarios for this question

  1. If you have a strong IT background and you know how to program in any technology. In this case it will not be a tricky task for you to learn about blockchain development.

If you are new to programming then it might be a tricky task for you. You should learn some basic programming before going further.

What kind of mindset a Blockchain developer has

You should have a broad mindset to think outside of the box if you are planning to be a blockchain developer. Your thinking should be problem solving thinking to solve different obstacles in your way. 

A good blockchain developer should work in a team to discuss and solve different problems. Working in a team helps you to find different efficient ways to resolve the same problem and you can choose the best one.

Programming Languages

You should be familiar with the following languages before proceeding further.

  1. C++
  2. PHP
  3. SQL
  4. Javascript
  5. Python

If you already know about these languages then it sounds good. 

Blockchain Prerequisite

Here we are going in depth about what a blockchain developer knows. These prerequisites are very important if you want to be a successful blockchain developer.

  • Data Structure

Data structure and algorithms are known as the base of computer science. You should have a strong grip on it. It helps you to resolve complex problems in a simple way as well as analyse your developed program complexity in different prospects. You should be familiar with Link lists, Queues, Stacks, Searching Algorithms, Sorting Algorithms, Trees, Graph, Hash Map.

  • Cryptography

Cryptography is known as the core of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies use public & private cryptography keys for identification and authentication purposes. And cryptohash to construct commitment schemes.  It’s very easy to learn about this process. Some basic knowledge of cryptography is enough for you.

  • Distributed Systems

You have the basic knowledge of distributed systems and how it works and saves data. With the help of this knowledge you will be able to understand the difficulties and primary security requirements for a public blockchain system.

  • Networking

Networking specially peer to peer networking is very important in blockchain networks. You should have knowledge about networking and its protocols.

  • Game Theory

As a blockchain developer you should have some basic knowledge of game theory so you can know how to handle multiple users at same time and how to analyse data in an efficient way. Only basic knowledge of game theory is enough for it. 

  • Programming Languages

You must have knowledge of programming languages so you can easily program it in your desired languages. Mostly blockchain is developed in script based languages like javascript, Ruby or Rails.


This is the era of the internet and as a developer you should know about blockchain. It is a fact that the future of development is only blockchain. You should adopt blockchain because