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How To Remove Negative Feedback From Amazon Listing

Negative feedback also decreases the chances to win Buybox at Amazon. Sometimes Amazon blocks or suspends your account if there are a number of negative feedbacks.

Amazon has more than 2 millions customers. As the market is very huge the competition level is also very high. Almost all the customers cannot know you physically. By reading reviews and feedback people can quickly judge your product. Only reviews and feedback on your listing will win or lose customers’ trust. 

Negative feedback also decreases the chances to win Buybox at Amazon. Sometimes Amazon blocks or suspends your account if there are a number of negative feedbacks. Therefore as an Amazon seller you must maintain high reviews and positive feedback to get more sales. 

Here are some tips by which you can remove negative feedback from your listing.

Request Removal

If you think the feedback is fake or violates Amazon guidelines you can simply request Amazon to review this feedback and remove it. Amazon will review your request and remove feedback if it is against Amazon’s policy.

Read more about Amazon Policy for feedback.

Follow the following steps to request removal if you found any negative feedback

  1. Login to your Seller Central.
  2. Click on Customers and Orders.
  3. Click on required Order id.
  4. Provide complete details and reason “Why you found this feedback guilty”
  5. Submit your request for Amazon review.

Approach to Buyer

If you think the buyer actually has a problem with your services or product you can approach him. Because the buyer has power to remove feedback directly from your listing.  Here are some tips you should do and don’t in case of approaching a buyer.


  1. For buyers Amazon provides a 60 days time frame to update or delete a review. So you must contact the buyer as soon as possible to remove negative feedback.
  2. Your attitude should be polite. Don’t be rude in your request. First of all apologize for the problem. It never hurts you to say you’re sorry for this problem. Understand the problem and address it properly.


  1. Don’t offer buyers for free products or refund. It is against Amazon policy and Amazon will take strict action on it. 
  2. Don’t ask directly for feedback removal. You should apologize for the problem your behaviour represents that you are worried about bad service. Because if you directly ask for feedback removal it shows that you only have concern about negative feedback and customers will not remove it.

To Contact buyer for negative feedback you should go to

  1. Sellercentral -> Performance -> Customer feedback
  2. There go to view current feedback
  3. Find the required comment and click on resolve button
  4. Click contact customer button
  5. Type your subject and message
  6. Send this message to customer

What if buyer not respond

There are only two options to remove Negative feedback by Amazon or Buyer. There are a number of chances that buyers will not respond to your feedback. Try to send some more messages to the buyer.

If the buyer didn’t respond you can leave a feedback response. This response obviously does not remove the negative feedback but it will show your effort to resolve the problem.

To leave a response on this negative feedback follow these steps.

  1. On Amazon go to your listing
  2. Scroll to negative feedback you required
  3. Click on response
  4. Leave your response and submit


You should seriously take care of your services. Because negative feedback will seriously impact your sales. And in case of negative feedback it will take a lot of effort to remove it from your listing.

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