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Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout

There are a number of tools used for amazon starting from product hunting to selling products on Amazon. Most of these tools play an important role in the success of Amazon business.

There are a number of tools used for amazon starting from product hunting to selling products on Amazon. Most of these tools play an important role in the success of Amazon business.

Here we are covering the most popular and most widely used tools for Amazon.

  1. Helium 10
  2. Jungle scout

1- Helium 10

Helium 10 provides a large number of Amazon tools starting from product hunting to growing your business. This tool is specially designed for those you are looking to grow their business on Amazon. The main tools provided by Helium 10:


You can select the criteria you need and this tool will get a list of products according to given criteria. Like you are looking for a product with in given range of reviews, price, rating, monthly revenue etc. you can fill the required criteria and it will get the results for you


If you are looking for a trendy product then this tool is for you. You can see the latest trends according to your required marketplace.


Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool. With this tool you can get the list of competitors and keywords for a specific product in your selected marketplace. Cerebro shows complete details for the selected ASIN such as Brand, ASIN, Sales, Revenue, BSR and many more. You can export this list in your desired format.


Magnet 2 is a keyword research tool used to get related keywords for given words with their search volume, Trend history, related ASINs, Competing products and Giveaways to rank products .


Misspellinator is used to find mistakes and misspell words from a given list.


Frankenstein is a list optimization tool mostly used for processing keywords from a given list of keywords. You can rearrange the provided list with your selected criteria.


This tool analyzes your list and assists you to add or drop keywords from your listing. Also show the best keywords for your listing

Index Checker

Index checker finds the keywords on which list is indexed on Amazon. 


Helium 10 provides 24/7 monitor and send you alerts for your listing hijackers

Inventory Protector

Inventory protector protects your inventory from being oversold during promotion or launch

Refund Genie

This tool in Helium 10 is used in case of giveaways and send you alerts so you can manage your return easily

Inventory Management

This tool is to manage your inventory and stock in an efficient way.

Keyword tracker

It helps you to track and manage your product according to specific keyword on Amazon

Market tracker

It tracks the market for your product and finds the list of your competitors in your selected marketplace. You can easily see what your competitors are doing to beat you in this market


It calculates and gives you an estimation of your revenue based on your daily sales.


This tool automates PPC ads and promotions on Amazon according to your rules you have set here. It also gives you suggestions of your campaigns to how to set them perfectly to maximize your revenue.

2- Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a big competitor of Helium 10. Both of these tools provide services from product hunting to Inventory Management. Tools and Features provided by Jungle Scout are:

Product Hunting

Jungle scout provides the best tool for product hunting. It provides a database for product hunting directly pulled from Amazon.

Product tracker

You can easily track your product with jungle scout’s product tracker tool. From this tool you can get graphical representation of the product you are tracking in terms of sales, search volume, price change and many others in selected range.

Opportunity Finder

Jungle scout gives you a great tool to find a product having high demand and low competition. With the help of this tool you can find the best product for you in your marketplace according to your selected criteria as shown below.

Supplier Database

Jungle scout not only has a product database from Amazon but also has a huge supplier’s database for you to find a perfect supplier for your product. With this tool you can compare different suppliers and find the best one from them.

Keyword scout

This tool is for researching top ranked keywords (Reverse ASIN in Helium 10). You can check your competitors keywords and their ranking on these keywords. It also gives you 8 days giveaways count to rank your product accordingly.

Sales Analytics

Jungle scout sales analytics provide you a great tool to manage your sales analytics. You can organize your sales, revenue and other key metrics with this tool

Inventory Management

Through inventory management tools sellers have a complete knowledge of their inventory stock. They can also set and get alerts for inventory such as “going out of stock”, “Inventory replenish”.


Jungle scout didn’t provide any trial version you need to buy a plan for test or use in the real world. There are following plans and features according to these plans

Userssinglesingle6 users
Money back guaranteeyesyesyes
Product tracker201501000
Amazon seller estimator500/m1000/m1500/m
Opportunity finderNoYesYes
Product DatabaseNoYesYes
Keyword ScoutNoYesYes
Supplier DatabaseNoYesYes
Historical Product tracking Data1 month3 month6 month
Historical Keyword data1 month 1 year2 year
Rank trackerNo3500 keyword5000 keyword
Supplier TrackerNoYesYes
Inventory ManagementNoYesYes
Listing BuilderNoYesYes

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