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Amazon Understanding Giveaways

For any business giveaways are very important to rank your product and get more audience on it. Giveaway model simply means you are providing a free product to your different people and asking them to give you feedback about this product. These feedback give you a great idea to maintain and increase your product quality. The basic purpose of giveaway is to check your product quality before putting it online for sale. 

How Amazon giveaway model works

Amazon giveaways are free promotions where sellers give their product free of cost to a number of customers. Amazon giveaway is the best way to get sales velocity on your product. Sales velocity is very important for newly launched products. You should set a significant amount for bleeding on giveaways if your product is newly launched. With a giveaway model cost will be increased as compared to ads on social networks but the result is also much more satisfied than ads.

How to launch Giveaway

Giveaway is simply a promotion model of amazon. To create a giveaway you need to follow the following steps.

  1.  Go to the sellercentral dashboard at Amazon.
  2. Now navigate to the Advertisement tab .
  3. In Promotions menu under Advertisement you can see Giveaway button

  4.  In the give away window select your required product for which you are creating giveaways.

  5. Select giveaway type for this giveaway. There are following giveaways type provided by Amazon

    i- Sweepstakes

    In this model Amazon will randomly choose a given strategy for your promotion.

    ii- Random Instant Win

    Here you will select the number of winners and Amazon shows your promotion to a random audience. This giveaway promotion is activated until the limit is reached.

    iii- Lucky Number.

    It is basically a lottery type system in which people win who select the correct number from a given list.

    iv- First come, first serve

    In this model people win who select the promotion first.

  6. After selecting the giveaway type. Select your targeted audience from provided list
  7. Now you can set a promotion code for people. This code is for a discount on your product. However this is not much more attractive in giveaways.

That’s all your giveaway is activated. One thing you must put in your mind is that giveaways always make a loss for you as you are buying a product at full price and selling it free.


Giveaways are a best model to generate more sales leads. But it is also expensive. If you do not use it correctly it will be a big loss for you at Amazon.