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Amazon Seller Dashboard Overview

After creating an Amazon account we need to know about the basic setting and features of the seller’s central dashboard to easily and quickly manage your account. Here we will cover the following:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Pricing 
  3. Order Management
  4. Advertisements
  5. Reports
  6. Performance
  7. Support

After successful login to your seller central dashboard it will look like the following figure.

Here you can see multiple options like catalogue, Inventory, Pricing and others here we will cover all of them one by one in detail.

1- Inventory

Inventory tab in the seller central dashboard is used to add new products and manage the previously added products in your account. You can also manage stock of products and see inventory reports for all or single products from here.  The following options  are available in the Inventory tab.

  1. Manage Inventory
  2. Manage FBA Inventory
  3. Inventory Planning
  4. Add a Product
  5. Add Products via upload
  6. Inventory reports
  7. Sell Globally
  8. Manage FBA Shipments

Manage Inventory

In Manage Inventory all the previously added products are visible with their complete details like status, Images, sku, product name, creation date, stock status, price etc.

You can update these details (except sku) by clicking on the edit button available at the end of each listing.

Manage FBA Inventory

Products added in the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model are managed here.

These are the listings that are active and handled by Amazon. You can change price , update stock  and perform other actions on it.

Add a Product

You can add a new product via this tab. On clicking on this tab the following screen appears

For more details about how to create listing or product in amazon click here

Add Products via upload

By this option multiple products can be uploaded at the same time. You need to upload excel or csv file with required criteria and your products listed in this file will be uploaded in your catalogue

Inventory reports

Inventory reports show the products  you have listed on Amazon. These reports are the best option to check your saleable inventory. You can compare your Amazon orders and inventory reports to reconcile your own inventory records. There are multiple type of reports available in inventory reports.

Sell Globally

With this option you can reach more customers around the globe. You can sell your product in different marketplaces on amazon such as North America, Europe, Asia.

Manage FBA Shipments

Here you can find and track your shipments managed by Amazon. Manage FBA shipments shows the status of all the shipments you have created and are creating to send inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers.

2- Pricing

To manage the pricing and discounts on any active listing you can use this tab and update the price of active listings (one by one or in bulk).

The following options  are available in the Pricing tab.

  1. View Pricing Dashboard
  2. Manage Pricing
  3. Fix Price Alerts
  4. Automate Pricing
  5. Fee Discounts

View Pricing Dashboard

You can set  and observe the price of your products on Amazon in the View Pricing dashboard.

Manage Pricing

To change the price of listing you can use this tab. You can update prices individually or in bulk of active listings here. You only need to update the price of product the shipping cost and other charges will be updated automatically

Fix Price Alerts

Seller can set alerts for his listing here to update price according to his competitor automatically. 

Automate Pricing

Amazon Automate Pricing allows sellers to automatically adjust prices on different SKUs in response to events such as the Buy Box, without having to revisit the product every time you want to change your price.

Fee Discounts

Referral fee discounts and limited-time offers are managed in this section. It helps you to provide competitive prices as compared to your competitor.

3- Order Management

This section is to handle and manage orders on all of your products. There are following option available under order tab

  1. Manage Orders
  2. Order Reports
  3. Manage Invoicing
  4. Upload Order related files
  5. Manage Returns

Manage Orders

Sellers Orders Management section provides a customizable view of all orders on all products. To view the page from your seller account, click , and then click Manage Orders.

Order Reports

Here you can generate reports related to orders. You need to select date or days and request a report it will available on same page.

Manage Invoicing

Seller can download invoices for his product orders especially used for FBM model

Upload Order related files

Seller can upload his order related files in FBM model such as shipment slip to update amazon about order status: 

Manage Returns

Here the seller can manage all the returns of his order by customers. Sellers can choose one of the following options for what to do with this return from this window. Seller needs to contact with in given time frame otherwise it will auto refund the customer by Amazon

  • Authorize request
  • close request
  • Issue refund
  • Contact buyer

4- Advertisements

To create a ppc campaign or other campaigns/ advertisements or promotions this tab is used. 

There are following options available in this tab

  1. Campaign Manager
    To create and manage different types of campaigns and sponsored your product on amazon for your product this tab is used. Seller can set campaigns for different keywords to rank the product on Amazon 
  2. Enhanced Brand Content
    Compete with your competitor you need to create good looking content for attraction of your customer. This tab helps you create A+ content for your product. It allows you to create content on pictures and specific place to make your product attractive
  3. Lightning Deals
     Lightning Deal is also  a type promotion where a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a specific time period.
  4. Promotions
    Another way to put your products in front of more interested customers is Amazon promotions. Through amazon promotion sellers can offer products at a low cost to get more and more audience. Amazon promotions helps customers reach new leads that result in conversions.

5- Reports

Reports are very important in each business to compare your records. Amazon provides a Reports Tab to generate different types of reports for its seller facilities. There are following type of reports provided by Amazon in this tab

  1. Payments
  2. Amazon Selling Coach
  3. Business Reports
  4. Fulfilment 
  5. Advertisement Reports
  6. Return reports
  7. Tax Document Library


You can get (all or customized) payment reports and FBA charges reports here. It has a complete explanation about how to identify individual transactions.

Amazon Selling Coach

In this section the seller can get a report about all notifications and (actions taken by amazon) sent to him from Amazon.

Business Reports

This tab provides valuable information to seller about his product such as selling, daily visitors of product and helps customer in creation of advertisements of individual products


All FBA related reports are available in this tab for seller

Advertisement Reports

All reports related to advertisement are available here. Seller can view and take decision on advertisement easily through these reports:

Return reports

Reports related to return of products are available in this tab with complete details

Tax Document Library

All documents and reports related to Tax are available in this tab for seller

6- Performance

Under performance tab sellers can maintain and manage their account health. This tab plays an important role in amazon seller dashboard all the feedback and reviews are available here:

  1. Account Health
  2. Feedback
  3. A-to-Z Guarantee Claims 
  4. Chargeback claims
  5. Performance Notifications
  6. Voice of the Customer
  7. Seller University
  8. Brand Dashboard

Account Health

The account health window provides an overview of your seller account. also represent the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon. To ensure you are delivering a great experience for your customers, Amazon will take action on it if they do not comply with targets.


Monitoring the feedback and performance is necessary to your success on Amazon. To understand and manage seller feedback. Sellers can see and manage feedback received from buyers and identify and resolve potential problems that can lead to negative feedback.

A-to-Z Guarantee Claims

The A-to-z Guarantee protects buyers when items are sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller (FBM model). It handles and covers in time delivery and condition of product. If buyer is not satisfy with order or even not interested after delivery you can see the claims here and handle them to maintain your account health

Chargeback claims

In the case of a claim buyer needs to charge back their credit card. For this purpose buyers put a request for chargeback to the particular company. The company contacted Amazon for transaction details. In return Amazon asks you transaction details in this tab.

Performance Notifications

All notification sent by Amazon related to your account health such as “A-to-Z claims”, “Feedback”, “Chargeback claims”, “Listing activation/deactivation” and many more are shown in this window:

Voice of the Customer

In the voice of the customer window you can analyze customers reviews and feedback to optimize your listings. Here you can view the (CX) “Customer Experience” Health of your offers and promotions, customer comments, identify product and listing issues, and how to resolve these problems.

Seller University

Here you can find free training courses related to amazon seller central dashboard.

Brand Dashboard

This is only for brands to optimize their business. The Brand Dashboard helps to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience, traffic, and conversions.

8- Support

In case of any issue you can open a case with amazon seller central support. It is usually available with the name of help at the top right of window.