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Amazon Product Sourcing Or Finding Suppliers

After hunting a successful product the main point is to find a good and reliable supplier for this product to start your business. Supplier is as important as hunting a successful product. All the customer’s feedback and reviews depends on your product that you are selling. If you select a wonderful product with great revenue but you didn’t find a good supplier for it. There are 100% chances  that you will not get success in this field.

Around the world there are a number of people claiming to be good suppliers. You need to evaluate and find the best one from these suppliers. Below here is the criteria to evaluate suppliers and find the best one.

Suppliers evaluation Criteria

Filter Scammers

First of all you need to evaluate and compare the offers provided by these suppliers. Put all these suppliers in trash who’s offer is not looking real to you. Because if you don’t feel right that there are a lot of chances he will not be right.

Like if someone offers too low a price,  not looking real for this product.  

Read Others Review

From different reviews you can get a real idea about any supplier on your selected platform. Always read reviews and evaluate rating of suppliers before proceeding further.

Age on Platform

Compare how old the account of the supplier is on this platform and compare with others. Always avoid doing business with new suppliers. Because they may be a scammer or will take a lot of time to fulfill your order.

Prefer Company Profile

Always prefer company profiles instead of single persons. Because mostly single persons are brokers. These brokers will provide relatively higher prices and also sometimes not reliable.

Don’t be trapped

If someone starts messaging you with the following type of content, always stay away from these people. Don’t become a victim for them.

  1. “We are rising in price and there are some old cartons available at an old price”.
  2. “We are providing discounts for a short time”.
  3. “This is a message on behalf of [company or department]”.
  4. “We have free items for you”.
  5. “Hurry up! You must order today to avail this offer”.

Ask Terms & Conditions

Always ask terms & conditions from the supplier before selecting him. There are a lot of hidden terms that, if you don’t ask, will put you in trouble.

Tips to work with Supplier

Here are some tips for you to work with suppliers. These tips will give you a lot of benefit to working with suppliers.

  • Represent yourself as employee

Always represent you as an employee of the company. Tell the supplier that “The company hires your to find a source for this product”. With this technique your supplier will get in confidence to work with you. Also if there is any chance to ignore this supplier you can simply say that “My Company is not recommending you for it” rather than getting negative feedback from the supplier.

  • Written Agreement

You always do a written agreement on each statement provided by the supplier. In future if he recants you must have written evidence to show him.

  • Convince him for free sample

Always try to convince your supplier to provide a free sample. With this you can get an idea about your supplier’s loyalty as well as your abilities ..:).

  • Negotiate About Price

Always negotiate with your supplier for the price. Tell him that you have a low price offer for this product from another supplier. With this tip you can maximize your revenue and get products at low cost.

Suppliers platform

There are a number of online platforms available to find suppliers such as

  1. Alibaba
  2. Aliexpress
  3. Globalsources
  4. DHgate
  5. 1688


We have discussed a lot of tips and evaluation criteria. But you need to be more careful in selection of suppliers. Your whole business and savings are now depending on your supplier you have selected.