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Amazon Product Ranking

A product having higher rank has higher sales on Amazon. Higher sales generate more and more revenue. But it is not a piece of cake to rank your product on amazon. Today we are discussing in detail about “ranking techniques” and “amazon search algorithm” for ranking a product at top on Amazon.

Here we are covering the following points step by step in detail

  1. Amazon Search Algorithm
  2. Factors involved in ranking a product
  3. Techniques using for product ranking

1- Amazon Search Algorithm

To rank a product on amazon it is very necessary to have knowledge about amazon searching algorithms. Amazon is continually updating its search algorithm to facilitate its customers with the best ones. Therefore it is completely different from google’s search algorithm. The basics of Amazon Algorithm is that “First it gets relevant results from the catalogue and then ranks according to its selected points”. Amazon named its search algorithm as “A9” Algorithm.

The basic pillars of A9 algorithm are:

Conversion Rate: 

At this point this algorithm rearranges the selected list of catalogs on the base of reviews, images quality and price. It is necessary for ranking of products that the product has competitive price, quality images and positive reviews.


A9 tries to get the most relevant items related to searched keywords. So it is important to choose the best relevant keywords in title and description and also in the keyword field in list creation on Amazon.

Customers Satisfaction:

Amazon never gives compromise on its customers satisfaction. Therefore it always ranks product high having more customer satisfied reviews and positive rating.

2- Factors involved in Product Ranking

Here is a complete list of factors that are involved in product ranking on amazon. You should have a complete knowledge about these points if you need to rank your product on amazon.

Answered Questions

Amazon always gives importance to its customers. Therefore it ranks the product higher if questions on the listing are properly answered at time.


Price of a product has a sound effect on its ranking. It is also involved to win the chances of Buy Box and increase the chances of sale.

Parent Child Product

With Amazon Parent child product features you will directly get customers from parent product to its child product. In this model you will easily get reviews which have a deep impact on product ranking.

Bounce rate or time spent on product page

Customer spends time on your product page shows his interest in the product and amazon seriously takes it as the ranking of your product.

Complete Listing

If your listing is complete in terms of images, description. It has more chances of ranking instead of incomplete listings.

Title of Product

Title of the product is very important in ranking. If your title has more relevant keywords it will get ranked very soon as compared to a product having irrelevant keywords.

Built points in description

Features of the product should be provided in built points and in bold. This will catch your customers attention and increase the chances of sales and positive feedback.

Category Selection

Products should have relevant categories and subcategories to rank in this category.


As positive feedback ranks a product higher in Amazon A9 algorithm same as negative feedback will put down your list in this algorithm.

Processing Speed

Processing speed is also very important in Amazon ranking. If a product is shipping within 2 days and another same product takes 5 days there are more chances of the first product to rank higher than the second one.

Claim back rate

If a product has a claim back rate higher it will be low in ranking. It will also include negative feedback, A-Z guarantee claims, shipment problems. Read How to improve defect rate to improve ranking of product.

Stocked Product

If a product is always in stock there are chances that it will be higher in rank on Amazon.

3- Techniques using for product ranking

From above discussed points the following Do and Don’t you should take care to rank your product higher.

  1. Provided information should not be irrelevant, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate.
  2. Content should not be extra long and follow the limits set for different fields.
  3. There should not be any redundancy in provided information or content.
  4. Use built points for getting attention of customers.  
  5. Use keywords in Title and description.
  6. Content should not be abusive or offense
  7. Images should be good in quality, low in size and according to recommended dimensions.
  8. Content (Title and Description) should not contain temporary words like “On Sale”, “New” etc.


It is not a piece of cake to rank your product on amazon. Today we have discussing in detail about “ranking techniques” and “amazon search algorithm” for ranking a product at top on Amazon.