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Amazon List Creation

On the basis of your listing, the customer decides to purchase or leave the product and move to the next one. A successful list created in a professional way gets more focus of customers. 

Title of your listing, Images you used, the keywords and description is very important for your listings. In the listing you should provide all the necessary details. These details must cover all the topics and details for which your audience are looking for. By visiting your product a person should feel that “This is the product I am looking for”.

To help you start we are covering

  1. Before List creation things you have in hand
  2. How to set up your first listing.

1- Before List creation things you have in hand

You have following things ready before start creating listing on Amazon for a product

  1. Successful hunted product for Amazon (Learn how to hunt product for amazon)
  2. Keywords for your product (Learn how to get keywords for amazon)
  3. Images ready for your product (Learn how to make attractive images for amazon)
  4. Offers you are providing if any
  5. Description
  6. Other information related to the product.

2- How to setup your first listing

After successful account creation at Amazon and product hunting for Amazon the main point is to create an attractive listing. To create listing navigate to your seller central dashboard 

Inventory -> Add a Product

Here you need to select a correct option for your listing as shown below

If you have a UPC code for your product and product is unique you can select

 “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon

If there is a product already listed and you are selling the same one. You can search and select it from the search box. You need to fill the price for this product and you will be added to the seller list of this product.

Here we are going to see if you are adding a new product. Click on “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon” you will reach at the following:

Vital Info

In the vital info tab you need to enter 

  1. product details like, UPC or GS1 or GNTN that you have registered with your product.  Here you can compare price of codes and buy link also 
  2. Product Name or Title. Learn how to create successful title for your listing on amazon 
  3. Manufacturer Name: in case of brand your brand name and in case of wholesale your company name.
  4. Brand Name: the brand of product
  5. Color of your product
  6. For multi color products select multiple colors here in Color map.
  7. For multiple sizes write down the sizes in Size Map

After providing complete information review the provided details and click on the variation tab if there are multiple products with respect to color and sizes in a single listing.


In variation you can select the theme of your variations such as

  1. Size vs Color
  2. Color
  3. Size

After selecting your related theme fill the form bottom of this window with correct details


Here you can provide any special offer on this product related to price, conditions and set date and time for this special offer as shown below:


If your product is a battery operated product you can provide note for warnings like a safety sheet prop-65 etc:


Images for your product are uploaded here. Amazon only accepted jpeg, png and non animated gif images. You need to click and choose images of your product such as main image and other images as shown below:


The key point of your listing is this tab. It contains the “meat” of your listing on Amazon. You can optimize your listing and also implement rank techniques for your listing here. It allows 2000 words for description to be submitted. You can list description, key features and warning related content here.


This tab is not publicly displayed on your listing. But it is important for your product. You should use proper and targeted keywords to get more audience on your listing. Learn how to find targeted keywords for your listing 

More Details

Here you can provide details of your product such as 

  1. shipping weight
  2. Net weight
  3. Flour length
  4. Flour width

And others as shown in figure


On the basis of your listing, the customer decides to purchase or leave the product and move to the next one. A successful list created in a professional way gets more focus of customers.