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Amazon Find Competitors and Analyze Points

Finding and monitoring competitors plays a vital role to make your Amazon business successful. A competitor is one who is selling the same product as yours. Your competitors are also keeping tabs on you and if you ignore your competitors you will definitely make a big loss in this business.

Competition is growing regularly

 In a report of feedvisor it is claimed that competition on Amazon is grown by 8% and is growing continuously. So this is not a one time job to find some competitors but you need to check more competitors regularly and read their selling strategy such as price, promotions, keywords on which they rank.

How to find competitors on Amazon

Now the main point is how you can find a list of competitors on Amazon. There are different tools  you can use to find competitors on Amazon. Here we are discussing one of the most famous one named “Helium 10”.

Helium 10 for finding competitors

There are multiple tools in Helium 10 for making Amazon business successful. Here we are discussing “Cerebro” for finding competitors related to your product. Here is complete guide about Helium 10

Cerebro is a popular reverse ASIN tool. In this tool you need to provide ASIN of Product.

The tool automatically fetches a complete list of competitors with their ASIN, Brand Name, Category, Number of time Buy Box Won, Business Model . Price, Sales, Revenue, BSR, Reviews, FBA Fee and all others related to product. As shown in below

Competitive Research on Amazon

You need to compare your product with competitor’s product on following points

1- Select Competitor 

First you need to pick up your targeted top competitors from the provided list of Cerebro.

At Least there are 3 competitors by which you are comparing your product. And check the following points in detail

2- Storefront

Your competitors have a storefront and profile on amazon. Check complete storefront in terms of customer reviews, shipping terms / notes, feedbacks, read description, price, pictures and product title also. Now check all the above points in your listing and compare them step by step.

3- Competitors Profile

There should be competitors’ public or social profiles. You also need to search them on the internet and check the selling strategy these competitors have.

4- Keywords

List down all the keywords these competitors are using to ranking their product. After Listing, select common keywords used in all competitors list and check their search volume. This will help you in your PPC campaign and ranking strategy. Learn How To find Keywords of product for Amazon here

5- Pricing Strategy

You need to check the price change strategy used by your competitors in the previous 12 months and analyze them with each other. This will definitely give you a price idea of how and when you need to change it.

6- Reviews

Reviews on products contain a lot of information about product success of failure. You also need to read reviews and find the space where you can make your product successful. 

7- Sales

Sales of the competitor products tells the success story of the product. You can find sales of product in cerebro

8- Business Model (FBA/FBM)

Fulfillment is very important in analyzing competitors list. For example if product size is very large and heavy in weight, your competitors are selling it via FBM model then you don’t get success in selling the same product via FBA model because it will charge you additional price in terms of  storage and fulfilment fee. This will be shown in Cerebro

9- Sponsored and Promotions

You also need to put a deep search on how your competitors are promoting their product on Amazon. This can be easily done with Cerebro tool in Helium 10

On the above discussed point you can make a successful decision for a product to put it at top of ranking and generate more profit. This is not the end there are many more you need to know to rank your product. Learn more about How to rank product on Amazon here