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Amazon Account Creation or Registration

Previously we have seen the importance of Amazon marketplace. Amazon account creation or registration process is a little bit tricky for beginners. Here we will discuss in detail about each and every step. So you can create account easily.

Registration Plans

There are two selling plans provided by amazon for account creation.

  1. Individual/ standard
    This plan costs $0.99 per sale no matter how many items you sell. If more than 40 items are selling from your account, you should choose a professional plan for more flexibility. There are no advance selling tools available in this plan
  2. Professional/ premium
    This plan costs $39.99 per month and you can sell as many products as you want. It didn’t cost any other selling charges on items. If you want to switch plans after registration you can switch it anytime. All advance selling tools and programs are available in this plan like selling reports APIs

There is a flexibility so you can switch between these plans before or after registration.

Key difference between Amazon Individual and Professional Accounts

Here is a detailed comparison between Amazon plans. You must have knowledge before starting registration on Amazon.

$0.99 per  sold item YesNo
$39.99 per month feeNoYes
Add New Product Page in Amazon CatalogYesYes
Inventory Management by excel sheets, reports and feeds NoYes
Order Management by order reports, order related feedsNoYes
Use Amazon Web services APIs for upload of feeds, reports and other functionsNoYes
Set shipping rates for all productsNoYes
Set shipping rates for non BMVD products(Books, Music, Video and DVD Products)NoYes
Put listing inactive whenever  you want YesYes
Promotions Gifts and special offers NoYes
Calculate  sales and use taxes on ordersNoYes
User Permissions and access rights to other users(Child Account)NoYes
Professional and Individual differences

Don’t worry about making the wrong choice – you can change plans at any time. Also keep in mind that, in both cases, additional selling fees apply.

Amazon: Documents required for account creation

Before starting registration of an account make sure you have the following documents ready for verification. If  you put wrong information or miss any document your account will put on hold

  • Email Address
  • Bank account number 
  • Bank Statement in PDF form (not older than a month)
  • Chargeable credit card
  • Government issued national ID
  • Driving License
  • Passport (necessary for UK market)
  • Tax information
  • Phone number

Step by Step guide for account creation on Amazon

Here is step by step process for account creation

1- Open in your browser. For professional account click on highlighted button 

Professional Account ($39.99 per month)Individual Account ($0.99 on per item sold)
Amazon Professional and individual Account

2- Click on Create a new Amazon account

3- Fill the following form with correct information and click Next

4- Enter OTP sent at your provided email address

Congrats Account creation on Amazon is completed. You will logged in to Amazon sellercentral dashboard and provide more details for selling on Amazon

Step 1:  You need the following documents before proceeding further

  1. Business and contact address
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Credit Card
  4. Documents for your identity verifications

Select your Business Location and Business Type. Amazon needs some more information on this page regarding your business type. There are following business types and requirements needed by Amazon

Step 2: Provide the following details on next screen to proceed further

Step 3: Select the correct marketplace for your business and click “Next”. This can be changed after account creation:

Step 4: Provide your credit card details for billing information as shown below. The provided information should be correct to create an account

Step 5: Provide your store name and select the correct options in this screen to create a successful account as shown below:

The provided information should be correct according to your account.

  1. UPC: select yes if you have universal codes for your product. Click here to buy UPC for your product
  2. If you are manufacturer or owner of a brand that select yes and Amazon will provide you extra features after registration of brand with Amazon 

Step 6: This is the final step of Amazon seller dashboard. Here you need to provide documents required by Amazon for verification and Amazon will send a verification code to your provided address. This code needs to fill up in your seller dashboard. Now Your account is ready for selling product on Amazon 

Tip for Document Verification

Submit document in PDF format even Amazon accepted png or jpg format. In some cases Amazon is not able to read png or jpg images and send email that documents not verified please submit again.

You need to enter the code sent by amazon on your mailing address for proceeding to Amazon sellercentral Dashboard.