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Why FirstHow?

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FirstHow History

FirstHow was started in 2020 by an international community. The aim of this platform is to provide knowledge and sync you with the latest technology and trends so we can grow together. FirstHow is a hybrid and for-profit platform focused on solving your knowledge-related queries and problems.

This is not just a blogging website. But we are building a huge worldwide community. You must join hands with us and contribute your experience and knowledge.

FirstHow Community

FirstHow also has a community form. There you can ask questions from a particular community. These forms are under the observation of experts to avoid miscommunication and wrong information.


It comes with the mission to provide authentic knowledge to the globe. We tried our best to provide knowledge in all domains. We are also building a huge community for you to share your knowledge and solve other problems.

Our mail focus are:

  • Non-Profit Partners: We have a mission to teach each person on the globe. For this purpose, we are open to accepting blogs from you.
  • Community: We have developed a community for you. You are welcomed to join this community and solve problems.